Resources for Educators

Brains On is an award-winning science podcast for kids from American Public Media.  Each week, joined by a different kid co-host, we ask fascinating questions about science and go wherever the answers take us.  Sometimes this means hearing skits about sound waves, songs about slime or interviews with astronauts.

Brains On is a great resource for parents and educators to engage elementary age kids in STEM learning at home, on the go or in classroom.


Designed for grades 3 - 5, this curriculum engages students in the process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and presenting an argument. Customize the timeline and format to fit your classroom’s needs!

Introducing Debate with Smash Boom Best

Curiosity Kits

Curiosity Kits are recipes to help librarians and other educators engage with Brains On! These kits will help you come up with activities for 7-11 year-olds as a supplement to Brains On episodes.

Episode: Books: How they’re made and how your brain reads them

Download: Curiosity Kit Books

Episode: Animal Farts: A mighty wind

Download: Curiosity Kit Animal Farts

Episode: How do you catch a cold?

Download: Curiosity Kit Colds

Episode: Deep Sea vs Outer Space

Download: Curiosity Kit Deep Sea vs Outer Space

Episode: The science of slime: What is it and why are we so obsessed?

Download: Curiosity Kit Slime


We have transcripts available for a number of episodes (and are hoping to have more soon!). You can find transcripts at the links below: