It’s a Forever Ago face-off! Joy has turned the garage at HQ into a boxing arena and has brought in Molly Bloom and Nico Gonzalez Wisler for a rock, paper, scissors showdown!  Grab your smarty pass to witness the raw power of rock, paper, scissors!

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Today we're combining my two favorite things, historical facts and cutthroat competition. I have temporarily moved the roaming recording Rover and my 2004 Honda Civic and transformed the Brains On garage into a boxing arena. Check it out. We've got the bouncy ropes--


--the extremely official timekeeping bell--


--and the squishy mats that reek of the unwashed feet of countless champions.


We have a tremendous match-up for you folks today. Our two fierce fact freaks are entering the arena. In this corner, at an imposing 5 feet and 3 inches, it's our spreadsheet superstar, Forever Ago producer, Nico Gonzalez Wisler!

NICO GONZALEZ WISLER: Here to destroy!

JOY DOLO: Oh yeah! Destroy y'all! And in this other corner, at a slightly shorter but still formidable 5 feet 1 inch, it's the Brains On and Smash Boom Best hostess with the mostest, Molly Bloom!

MOLLY BLOOM: I'm tiny and tough, just like a tardigrade.

JOY DOLO: Yeah! We all know what that is.


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