Hey Forever Ago Friends!! Ready for more Forever Ago FUN?! Well you’re in luck— Forever Ago is back with a brand new season May 15th! Tune in to learn all about how wheelchair basketball was invented, why we eat popcorn at the movies, and what humans did with their doo before modern toilets!

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[MUSIC PLAYING] CHILD 1: I can't wait for season 5 of Forever Ago, the history show for the whole family. All we need to do is summon our tremendous, stupendous, awesomest host Joy Dolo. How can we do that?

CHILD 2: It's easy. First we go into the closet.


Then we jump up and down five times.


CHILD 1: Oof. That's fun.

CHILD 2: Last, we put our hand on this karaoke microphone and say, "First things first, please come alive. Joy Dolo, come and host season 5."

CHILD 1: It's working. Joy is coming out of the microphone.

JOY DOLO: I'm here! And I'm starving for knowledge.

CHILD 2: It worked. The cheesy jokes have already begun.

JOY DOLO: That was a good joke. And season 5 is coming at you with tons of great episodes, from the history of fortune cookies to wheelchair basketball and even time-traveling toilets.

CHILD 1: Awesome.

JOY DOLO: Come along as we go searching the hallways of history like a teacher looking for a kid without a hall pass. [LAUGHS] Another good one. It's giving [? a ?] [? hip ?] older lady.

CHILD 1: Oh, no, Joy's trying to relate.

JOY DOLO: It's giving season 5 realness. It's giving slay. It's giving no cap, just facts.

CHILD 2: Oh, no. She's trying too hard.

JOY DOLO: It's giving explore the before with season 5 of Forever Ago, coming May 15-- no caps allowed.

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