Forever Ago host Joy Dolo has a brand-new game she’s calling Instrumental Enigma. It sounds like a lot of fun! Emphasis on sounds! Grab your Smarty Pass to hear what producers Rosie duPont and Aron Woldeslassie think of the new game and all of its interesting sounds!

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JOY DOLO: Hey there, Joy Dolo from Forever Ago here. Do you like listening to Brains On, Smash Boom Best, Forever Ago, and Moment of Um? Then you should consider getting a Smarty Pass. For just $4 a month, you can get a Smarty Pass and get ad-free feeds of all of our shows.

That's Brains On, Forever Ago, moment of Um, and Smash Boom Best. And you get new special bonus games every month. If you don't subscribe, you'll still get your free feeds, like always. But subscribing gets you ad-free feeds and super fun bonus games every month. In this month's bonus game, we get to hear about some pretty fantastic instruments.

Rosie, are you ready?

ROSIE DUPONT: Oh my gosh, I am so ready.

JOY DOLO: Which of these three is a real instrument? OK, a baritone pumpkin, a pipsissewa, or a carnyx?

ROSIE DUPONT: These are so cool. So baritone pumpkin-- baritone is a low voice. I definitely can't reach that range, but a baritone pumpkin would be a big pumpkin. I think a deep-voiced pumpkin.


ROSIE DUPONT: But I don't think it's an instrument because it sounds like it's a pumpkin, not an instrument.

JOY DOLO: To hear more, head to to subscribe. It's $4 a month or $36 for the whole year. This game will be waiting for you once you subscribe to the feed. Again, that's Thanks so much for supporting our shows. Bye.

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