It’s a time-honored Valentine’s Day tradition to hand out conversation hearts - those candies with phrases like “be mine” and “love always” written on them. In this episode, we play a game where contestants come up with conversation candies for made up holidays.

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Why does Valentine's Day get all the love anyway? What if there are other holidays that deserve some hearts too? Like, I don't know, international

INTERVIEWER 1: Well, my favorite Valentine's Day candies are the little conversation hearts, the ones with the little phrases printed on them.

INTERVIEWER 2: Surely international yogurt day could never have such cute sayings on such cute hearts.

JOY DOLO: That's where you're wrong. I can think of a million of them. You're the cream of the crop.

INTERVIEWER 1: I'm geeking out over you.

INTERVIEWER 2: You're my par-favorite.

JOY DOLO: [LAUGHS] Yes, yes, yes. OK. Since you're both eating my candy, I'm going to come up with some holidays and you two can help me brainstorm the sayings we could put on there candy hearts. Are you ready?


INTERVIEWER 1: Born ready.

INTERVIEWER 2: You had me at candy.

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