Joy hosts the timeless classic Snow Zone Bowl– the game where you guess the rules to odd Winter Olympic sports from history. Join Joy, Sanden Totten and Anna Weggel for some frosty fun you won’t want to miss!

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JOY DOLO: Hey, everybody. It's Joy Dolo, and I'm here to tell you about Smarty Pass, our subscription for superfans. For just $4 a month, you'll get an ad free feed of all of our shows, "Brains On," "Forever Ago," Moment of Um," and "Smash Boom Best," plus a delightful bonus episode every month.

This month's bonus episode has producers Sanden Totten and Anna Wegel playing my brand new game Snow Zone Bowl. Take a listen.

Hi, Smarty pals. It's a beautiful snowy day here at HQ. I'm here with my pals Anna Weggel and Sanden Totten.

ANNA WEGGEL: What's up. I've got my coziest sweater on.

SANDEN TOTTEN: And I made everyone hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, of course.

JOY DOLO: Sanden, scrumdiddlyumptious. This is the perfect day for one of my favorite games.

ANNA WEGGEL: Truth or dare?

SANDEN TOTTEN: Limited edition Trivial Pursuit from 1996?

JOY DOLO: No. It's time to play Snow Zone Bowl.

This season on "Forever Ago," we talked about the ozone hole. Now, we're going to talk about the Snow Zone Bowl, the timeless game where you guess the rules to odd winter sports from Olympics past.

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