Are you ready to explore the before?  Forever Ago is a history podcast for the whole family, and it's coming back on November 8th, 2023!  Joy Dolo and her cohosts have all kinds of fascinating stories for you. Tune in to learn all kinds of new stuff, play games like First Things First and hear from listeners like you! New episodes drop Wednesday starting November 8th.

Audio Transcript

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JOY: Hey, Elise. I've got a riddle for you.

ELISE: Ooh, I love a riddle. Let's hear it.

JOY: OK, what do boomerangs, ballet flats, and Forever Ago all have in common?

ELISE: They're all three syllables? Wait, no. Forever Ago is five syllables. All of them start with B-- wait, wrong again. I got it. They are some Joy Dolo's favorite things?

JOY: No, I need more arch support than a ballet flat can offer. Come on, Elise. Come on. They're all coming back. Get it? Because Forever Ago is back on November 8.

ELISE: Oh, I should have known. I am co-hosting an episode of this season after all. OK, Joy. I've got a riddle for you. What does chewing gum, Superman, and children's libraries have in common?

JOY: Ooh, I know this one. They're all topics we cover in the next season of Forever Ago.

ELISE: That's right. So, set your alarms. Tell your friends, and get excited because Forever Ago is back, with a new season, November 8.

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