Hey, Smarty Pal, want more Forever Ago? Check out this sneak peek of Joy playing a brand new game she just invented that bears no resemblance to any other game. Listen as Joy pulls intriguing, silly, stupendous, sounds from her pocket and see if you can guess when the sounds came from and what made them!

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In this month's episode, my co-host Elise and I will travel through time, one sound at a time. Take a listen.


Oh, hey, it's Elise, one of my fabulous Forever Ago co-hosts. Are you also here to dance?

ELISE: Did you forget that we're recording an episode today?

JOY DOLO: Uh, no, I didn't forget. I just temporarily misremembered.

ELISE: That's kind of the definition of forgetting

JOY DOLO: No, because right here in my pocket. I have a brand new game for Forever Ago. It's called--

CREW: Shh.

CREW: History Sound.

ELISE: You have a sound in your pocket?

JOY DOLO: They're very deep pockets.

ELISE: Wait, Joy. Don't they already do the mystery sound on Brains On?

JOY DOLO: Oh, no, you must have misheard. This is the--

CREW: Shh.

CREW: History Sound.

JOY DOLO: See? It's totally different.


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