Molly, Marc and Sanden are hitting the road to perform the show Your Brain is Magic in Portland on June 17th and Seattle on June 18th. Plus, we'll be in Pasadena on June 25th celebrating our 10th birthday. Tickets for all events are at - hope to see you there!

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[MUSIC PLAYING] MOLLY BLOOM: Hi, friends. I'm so excited to let you know that Marc, Sanden, and I are hitting the road this summer with Brains On! Live. We're bringing our live show to Portland on June 17, and Seattle on June 18. The show is full of science, games, and yes, you'll get to see us do some sweet dance moves. That's definitely something you can't experience just by listening to the podcast. Plus, this year is Brains [? On!'s ?] 10th birthday, and we're having a special birthday party in Los Angeles on June 25. There will be activities, games, and even goodie bags.

You can get tickets to these fun Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles events by heading to And stay tuned for more live events in a city near you later this year. Again, you can get tickets to these Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles events at And if you're a Smarty Pass subscriber, you can get discounted tickets. One more time for good luck, head to to get your tickets. We hope to see you there.

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