Season 3 of Forever Ago is starting soon! Forever Ago is a history podcast for the whole family, where we explore the before! This season, we’ve got all kinds of surprising stories for you. Tune in to learn some awesome facts, play games like First Things First and hear from listeners like you! New episodes drop Wednesday starting May 17th. But if you just can’t wait, you can check out a bonus episode with Joy by signing up for our Smarty Pass!

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[MUSIC PLAYING] JOY DOLO: Transportation tricycle-- check. Three-ring binder-- check. And a three-leaf clover for good luck?


COHOST: Joy? I think it's only the four-leaf clovers that are lucky.

JOY DOLO: No way, silly. Three is the key for me. Know why?


JOY DOLO: Because season three of Forever Ago is starting soon.

COHOST: Oh, yeah. I can't wait to cohost with you.

JOY DOLO: Forever Ago is a history podcast for the whole family where we explore the before. This season, we've got all kinds of surprising stories for you.

COHOST: Here are three fast facts from the new season.

JOY DOLO: Did you know that microwave ovens were invented by accident?

COHOST: The best kind of accident-- one involving chocolate.


JOY DOLO: Or that at some of the first playgrounds, you could be pulled around in a cart by a real goat?


COHOST: Or that one out of four cowboys in the Wild West were Black?


JOY DOLO: And so much more. We'll also play fun games like First Things First.

COHOST: And hear from listeners like you.

JOY DOLO: Forever Ago is back May 17. Tell your friends. And be sure to follow us so you don't miss it.

COHOST: Just head to or search Forever Ago on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or one of your favorite podcast players.

JOY DOLO: Don't forget.

COHOST: May 17, Forever Ago is back.

JOY DOLO: Yeah. Write it down with a number three pencil.

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