Umbrellas have been shielding us from the elements for thousands of years, but they haven’t always been in style.

Time-traveling reporter Josie Huang takes Joy Dolo and co-host Bella on a bumpy ride through “brolly” history. We’ll meet the fashion-forward guy who made it cool to carry an umbrella in London, despite the coach drivers who threw trash at him. And we’ll visit the savvy sculptor Slawa Duldig, who created a more portable umbrella design that she had to smuggle out of her home country after the Nazis invaded.

Plus, a visit from resident umbrella trend forecaster Sanden Totten, who shares some futuristic umbrellas that can do everything from uploading photos to the internet, to creating a rain-repelling forcefield of air. You can check out pictures of the Airblow 2050 here.