Just in time for Earth Day, we’ve gathered a list of episodes that dive deep and celebrate the curiosities of our great planet. Enjoy!


Earth Rise

Fifty years ago NASA astronauts took a picture that changed the world. In this episode we'll tell the tale of that epic snapshot.

Burning Rivers of Fire

How did a river in Ohio suddenly catch fire, not once, but several times last century? We explore the shocking tale of the Cuyahoga River.

The wonderful weirdness of water

Discover some of the weird things water can do, like move against gravity! Or cut right through rock!

What's in your water?

Water can pick up all kinds of potentially harmful stuff during its never-ending journey through the water cycle - nitrates, phosphates, dog poop, heavy metals. How does all this stuff get into our water in the first place? And how can we know when it does? And what does it mean for the health of our environment, and us!?

What was the first life on earth?

What was the first life form like? What was the first fish or mammal? Is it even possible to know? We look to the fossil record to help us trace our roots back to the Last Universal Common Ancestor.

Why is the ocean salty?

If you’ve ever been in the ocean, you’ve tasted that salt. But where does it come from? And why aren’t lakes and rivers salty too? A sea shanty is probably the best way to explain, right? Plus: we learn about the weird and wonderful world of deep ocean hot springs.

Surviving the Desert at Joshua Tree National Park

The desert is hot, dry and deadly. But plenty of plants and animals thrive there. How do they do it? We’ll learn the tricks trees, bats and roadrunners use to make it in Joshua Tree National Park in California.