The puzzling, fascinating surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa looms large in this view made from images taken by NASA Galileo spacecraft in the late 1990s. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute

Aliens and UFOs: Making Sense of Myths, pt. 4

In the final episode of our series about myths and legends, we’re launching our imaginations into outer space!

Monster expert Emily Zarka tells us about her favorite alien and why aliens fascinate so many people. In the Hoax Hunters season finale, Marc and Sanden bring us a UFO spoof. Plus, scientists give us the lowdown on the real quest for extraterrestrial life — we haven’t found any... yet. And, planets and moons compete for the title of ‘most likely to have life’.

A new moment of um keeps us outside the atmosphere: why does space look so dark if the sun is so bright?