Labradors can be three different colors
Labradors can be three different colors. lizcen/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hey, where did you get those genes?!?

Today we’re talking genes - the recipe for you!

We’ll go microscopic and check out how traits like hair color are passed down through your family. We’ll also hear the story of genetics pioneer Nettie Stevens and find out how current-day geneticist Janina Jeff (and host of the podcast In Those Genes) unlocks the information packed in genes.

And if you have ever wondered how two black Labrador retrievers can be the parents of a yellow Lab, you’re not alone. We have the answer to that too. All this and an especially rambunctious Mystery Sound.

Don’t forget to listen to through to the end, where the Moment of Um tackles the question: do we sneeze in our sleep?