Got curiosity? You've found the right place. Brains On is a science podcast that answers questions from kid listeners around the world. They help us by interviewing scientists and co-hosting the show. Love science? This is the show for you. Don't like science? We'll change that, just give us a try. We've made about 100 episodes, so if there's a topic you're interested in, search here to see if we have an episode about it.

Here are a few of our personal favorites to get you started:

Fart Smarts: Understanding the gas we pass

This episode tackles many listener questions about farts including: Is farting good for us? Where do farts come from? Why do only some make sounds? And what’s up with the smell? And if this episode isn't enough flatulent goodness for you, we also did a follow-up episode all about animal farts.

by Brains On!

Fire vs. Lasers

Fire and lasers are both super cool — but which is COOLER? That's the tricky question being debated by producers Marc Sanchez and Sanden Totten in this episode. If you like this epic match-up, we also suggest checking out Deep Sea vs. Outer Space and Bridges vs. Tunnels.

by Brains On!

Cats: Glowing eyes, puffy tails, and secret purrs

Cats always seem a little bit mysterious, right? In this episode, we try to get to the bottom of some of their behaviors. And if you're a dog lover, you might want to check out this episode about their super noses.

by Brains On!

Books: How they’re made and how your brain reads them

Books are magical objects, capable of transporting us to different places, times and to worlds that only exist in an author's imagination. This episode looks at the amazing feats that go into making and interpreting these texts.

by Brains On!

Mystery Sound Extravaganza

A fan favorite, mystery sounds are a feature of every Brains On episode. Most episodes have one or sometimes two. But this episode is 100 percent mystery sounds, most of them recorded and revealed by our kid listeners. If you're looking for some friendly competition, you can even keep score and see how many you guess right!

by Brains On!