Listen On: Fun With Food

Here's something a little new! We're working on a few podcast playlists for the summer to keep the fun and learning going when you're on the road. (By: Rion Nakaya of The Kid Should See This)

8 episodes: 2 hours, 48 minutes (168 minutes) + 1 alien episode: 18 minutes (total: 186 minutes)

But Why?

Episode: "Why do we like to eat certain foods?"

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Length: 25 minutes

Why do some people like eating carrots but others don't? Why do adults eat so many foods that kids might not like? Do we taste with our tongues or our noses? And do animals have the same taste buds as humans? Host Jane Lindholm talks with expert Dr. Leslie Stein, and chefs Chris Kimball and Matt Jennings to answer lots of kid questions.

Ear Snacks

Episode: "Extra: Fruit Facts"

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Length: 4 minutes

Strawberries aren't technically berries or fruit, and cucumbers are fruit. This quick Ear Snacks extra is full of mind-blowing fruit facts including why plants grow fruit, how much the most expensive fruit was sold for, and more.

Smash Boom Best

Episode: "Pizza Vs. Tacos"

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Length: 28 minutes

Pizza and tacos are food favorites around the globe and in space. They're both affordable, customizable, and delicious, and they have storied histories that include Italy, Mexico, surfers, tomatoes, pineapples, and dynamite. Which food will win the epicurean showdown? And the pun-down? Smash Boom Best demonstrates the art of debate for all ages with this tasty episode.

Every Little Thing

Episode: "The Corn Identity"

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Length: 19 minutes

Why does popcorn pop? How long have we been snacking on popcorn? And how did popcorn become synonymous with the movies? Flora Lichtman talks with a popcorn scientist, visits a popcorn museum, and pow wows with a baby corn expert in this episode of Every Little Thing .

Wow in the World

Episode: "Totally Spiced Out!"

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Length: 28 minutes

Spicy peppers are measured on something called the Scoville Scale. Their concentration of capsaicin, the stuff that makes your mouth feel like it's on fire, determines their heat rating. In this Wow in the World , Mindy and Guy Raz travel to a hot pepper-eating competition where contestants are testing their limits with two hot peppers that are high on the Scoville Scale: The Carolina Reaper and Pepper X.

Circle Round

Episode: "Onions and Garlic"

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Length: 29 minutes

What do we give value to and why? Why are gems worth more than garlic, and how can kindness and humility find its balance with the world of business? In this classic folktale, a young man who lacks business savvy tries his hand at selling something deemed of little value: Onions. Can this kind-hearted brother make as good of a deal for the family as his siblings?

Brains On!

Episode: "Carnivorous plants: How they lure, trap, and digest"

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Length: 13 minutes

In cultures around the globe, people eat insects as a part of their daily meals. Carnivorous plants like Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, and sundews do, too, consuming bugs for their needed nutrients. Brains On!host Molly Bloom talks with horticulturist and gardener Ricky Garza to discuss why carnivorous plants are carnivorous, how they move, how they digest insects, and how to care for your own Venus fly trap.


Episode: "The Hungry Hungry Hippo Baby"

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Length: 22 minutes

Cow's milk is different than elephant milk, which is different than kangaroo milk, or orangutan milk, or human milk. And the ingredients of each of these milks can change over time to accommodate the needs of these babies as they grow. So what did the Cincinnati Zoo do when a baby hippo, born prematurely, needed the exact right type of milk to help her grow and thrive? This fascinating episode of the Smithsonian's Sidedoorpodcast tells the riveting and successful story.

Plus, a bonus alien episode... Tumble

Episode: "The Quest of the Alien Hunter with Seth Shostak"

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Length: 18 minutes

When did scientists start searching for alien life? How do we listen for potential messages from space? What are "fast radio bursts"? And can you prove that something doesn't exist? In this Tumble episode, Lindsay and Marshall talk with SETI Institute astronomer Seth Shostak to learn about our search for intelligent life in the universe.