Molly is working on a musical about trees that live in cities. But she can’t finish her rhymes! So she enlists Ruby and Anna to help. Molly gives them some of her unfinished lyrics and it’s up to them to help her turn a single sentence into a fact-filled musical couplet!

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MOLLY BLOOM: Hi there, Molly Bloom here. We love playing games in the Brains On universe. We like tricky trivia, grueling guessing games and challenging challenges.

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SUBJECT 1: (SINGING) Oh, beautiful tree absorbing CO2. I love your leaves and something, something shoe.

No, trees don't have shoes. How about--

(SINGING) What a wonderful plant that cleans the air. It's green and it's leafy and it isn't a bear. Oh, jeez. I really need some help writing these rhymes.

SUBJECT 2: Did somebody say help with chainsaw ice sculpting?


And a goldfield busting the door down?

SUBJECT 3: Did someone say help shaving a llama?


Ruby Guthrie smashing through the window?

SUBJECT 2: Well, don't worry. I love chainsawing swans from blocks of ice.

SUBJECT 3: And I can shave six llamas in under six minutes.

SUBJECT 1: That is very impressive, both of you. But actually, I said, I need help writing some rhymes for this new musical I'm working on. It's all about how amazing trees are and how they help make cities better.

SUBJECT 2: Oh, that's very different.

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