Looks like Marc has a beautiful new plant but doesn’t know where to put it. Direct sunlight or indirect sunlight? It’s too hard to figure out! But you know what’s not hard to figure out? Whether or not you should play Molly’s new game, Radical Design! Grab your Smarty Pass to see what producers Marc Sanchez and Rosie duPont think homes would look like on other planets!

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MOLLY BLOOM: Hi, Molly Bloom from Smash Boom Best here. Are you absolutely loving Brains On's Smash Boom Best, Forever Ago, and Moment of Um? Then you should consider getting a Smarty Pass. For just $4 a month, you can get a Smarty Pass and get ad-free feeds of all of our shows. That's Brains On Forever Ago, Moment of Um, and Smash Boom Best. And you get new special bonus games every month.

If you don't subscribe, you'll still get your free feeds like always. But subscribing gets you ad-free feeds and super fun bonus games every month. And it's a great way to support the shows. In this month's bonus episode, I have a pretty radical new game to play.

I think you should--


MOLLY BLOOM: --play a new game that's sweeping the universe, Radical Design. It's that new show on Home Planet Television where designers work as a team and imagine living spaces on different planets.

SPEAKER 2: Ooh, I love HPTV.

SPEAKER 1: And I love getting radical.

MOLLY BLOOM: To hear more, head to smartypass.org to subscribe. It's $4 a month or $36 for the whole year, a great deal. This game will be waiting for you once you subscribe to the feed. Again, that's smartypass.org. Thanks so much for supporting our shows.

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