What’s that alluring flute music and what does it have to do with Molly Bloom’s biting new game? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Grab your Smarty Pass to hear Anna and Rosie play Molly’s latest game: Tooth or Dare!

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In this month's bonus episode, I have a biting new game I really want to play.

SPEAKER 1: Where is that beautiful flouting coming from? It is totally luring me.

SPEAKER 2: Me too. I was on my way to meet my long lost twin sister, Daisy Du Pont. But then I heard that gorgeous music and I decided to come here instead.

SPEAKER 1: And I was headed to the Poop Deck to listen to Dookie Malone's lecture on clean living, but the power of this music just pulled me away.

MOLLY BLOOM: It was me. I was playing the flute.

SPEAKER 2: Molly, I'll do whatever you want if you played that flute some more. Also I feel compelled to invite you to this party I'm hosting. Do you want to go to this party I'm hosting?

MOLLY BLOOM: Oh, I couldn't possibly play any more, unless--

SPEAKER 1: --unless what?

SPEAKER 2: Oh yes, tell us.

MOLLY BLOOM: Unless you play my new game. It's got fun improvised rounds. And it involves teeth and all this other cool stuff.

SPEAKER 1: Oh, of course, we'll play, you Woodwind Siren.

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