Wow, wow wow have we got some big news! Brains On!, Smash Boom Best and Forever Ago are coming together for the Big Dig - an archeological, paleontological extravaganza that you can participate in through YouTube.

The show has it all: Megaladons vs Giant Sloths, dinosaurs covered in cake AND lemonade being slurped through a straw!

Go to to secure your space and check out the other events we have planned this fall. Plus, Smarty Pass members can take 20% off!

Audio Transcript

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MOLLY BLOOM: Hey, friends. We've got something really exciting coming up. It's the Big Dig. We're going on an archeological dig and--

SANDEN TOTTEN: Molly, you're not selling it.

MARC SANCHEZ: Yeah. The Big Dig is a huge deal. We've never done anything like this. The people need to know.

SANDEN TOTTEN: Yeah. We're going to be live on screens in the flesh, going on an adventure, uncovering mysteries and fossils. It's like a Brains On Smash Boom Best Forever Ago movie. You got to put more oomph into it.

MARC SANCHEZ: Yeah. Like this.


In a world where podcasts are just voices, get ready to see our faces.


SANDEN TOTTEN: No, no, no, no. Like this. In a world where podcasts are taped in studios, get ready to go on an archeological adventure.


MARC SANCHEZ: Wait, I got it. In a world where history is hidden underground, our heroes dig it up with a talking shovel named Ricky.

SANDEN TOTTEN: Oh, I forgot about Ricky. He's the best.


MARC SANCHEZ: You know what else is the best? Interactive games and a Smash Boom debate over which is cooler, megalodons or giant sloths.

SANDEN TOTTEN: Yeah. And Marc will demolish a whole cake with his hands. I'll help you solve a puzzle. Molly will teach you the difference between paleontology and archeology. And we'll play you some mystery sounds and answer your questions live at the end of the show.

JOY DOLO: Plus, Joy Dolo from Forever Ago will be there, and she'll drink lemonade with a really big straw.


MOLLY BLOOM: Oh, hey, Joy.

JOY DOLO: Hey, you guys. I wanted to be in the trailer too. But seriously, the Big Dig is going to be epic.



MOLLY BLOOM: OK. Yeah, that was way more oomph. If you're a fan of Brains On Smash Best Forever Ago or Moment of Um, you cannot miss the Big Dig. To find out more and get tickets, go to, that's field trips, all one word. There are several showtimes to choose from in the day and evening, but each show is exclusive and has limited space, so act fast. It's 19.99 for the whole family. And if you're a Smarty Pass member, you can get an extra 20% off.

MARC SANCHEZ: Don't miss the Big Dig so you can know for sure we do actually have faces and we wear pants, most of the time.

MOLLY BLOOM: That's to sign up. See you there.


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