Hey, Smarty Pal, want more Brains On? Check out this sneak peek of Gungador Hosts a Dinner Party! Gungador is having a party at Brains On! HQ, and everyone’s invited! He’s whipping up special dishes for all of his guests: a tater tot hot dish, caramel coated honey gummies, even a cheese board! But he forgot to call Barbara Toddes from the Philadelphia Zoo before he started prepping meals for his animal friends... and some of his assumptions about what animals eat aren’t exactly right. Will Gungador pull off his festive feast AND keep his cool?! Grab your SmartyPass and listen to find out!

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MOLLY BLOOM: Hi, friends. You've probably heard us talking about the Smarty Pass lately. But in case you haven't, here's what it is.

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In this month's bonus episode, Brains Ons Gungador is hosting a dinner party. Here's a sneak peek.


ELEVATOR: Now entering Brains On headquarters.

MOLLY BLOOM: Oh, hey. So glad you're here. Are you going to the smarty pass dinner at Gungador too?

I just got a text from him that says party, fire, underpants, friends followed by about 20 question marks. I was going to head over there a little early to make sure everything's OK. You want to tag along?


He's taken over the lab kitchen with his dinner prep. Elevator.

ELEVATOR: Yes, Molly.

MOLLY BLOOM: Labora kitchen please.

ELEVATOR: Are you sure?

MOLLY BLOOM: Yes, I am totally sure.

ELEVATOR: It's, well, don't say I didn't warn you. Here you are. The Labora Kitchen. Good luck.



MOLLY BLOOM: Gungador? It's Molly.

GUNGADOR: Molly, Gungador need help.


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