This is a special re-release of an episode from our series on emotions. It’s all about how to handle big feelings like anxiety, nervousness and fear.

There have been so many unexpected changes in all of our lives and a lot of us have big feelings right now. And that’s good -- we should feel those feelings. We also think having facts and information can help you feel more in control. This episode should help you with that.

You know that feeling when you have butterflies in your stomach? Or maybe you get sweaty and hot? Or maybe you get fidgety and your heart beats really fast? Yeah, we know those feelings too. Today we're finding out why being anxious can make our bodies feel that way.

We'll find out why fear has been really useful to our survival as a species and what you can do if that fear and anxiety is too much to handle. Plus: Mallika Chopra, the author of Just Breathe, shares a meditation to try when you're feeling nervous. And we'll finally get to hear Sanden's debut in the new Alpaca Jack musical, Fleece of Mind!

This is the final installment in our series about feelings. Check out the first three if you haven't yet:

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