This is a special fundraising episode. Even so, we wanted to make it sound as much like a regular Brains On episode as possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening. And thanks for your support. If you want to support the show and see some cool thank you gifts, head over to

Today we are pulling back the curtains to show you how and why we make Brains On. We started such a long time ago that, when you hear our origin story, you’ll probably notice we sound a lot different now. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone who is just thinking about starting a podcast, this episode offers some great tips for all. Molly and Sanden try to guess a listener-submitted Mystery Sound. And don’t forget to listen all the way through to hear a prehistoric Moment of Um about dinosaur teeth.

Want to learn more about starting your own podcast? These sites are chock full of useful information. Don’t forget to send us your podcast when you’re done!

Transom - Great place to find out about audio basics. Tips on everything from interviewing and microphones to editing software and scoring with music.

NPR Training - They give strategies on different digital platforms. Great for figuring out how to plan for everything from an interview to a story or even a whole podcast. Their ear training guide is really helpful.

Podcast Love - Newsletter by podcaster and teacher Alex Kapelmen about all things podcast, mainly from a producer’s point of view. Great Medium post about podcast resources here.

New York Times - Here’s an article that helps you get your storytelling chops in order.

And here are even more resources from our pals at Radio Rookies!