What was the first robot? What is artificial intelligence? How do robots "learn?" In this special episode, we have pieces from our live Robotstravaganza show in Boston. We meet some awesome robots (including one that's very cuddly), debate whether robots are good for humanity or bad, and find out what robots can learn from nature. Plus a mystery sound and a Moment of Um that answers the question, "How do oysters make pearls?"

Thanks to our friends at the Cambridge Science Festival for hosting us! And thanks to our guests Randi Williams, Julia Ebert and Akito Van Troyer!

See Tega in action:

Here is some old newsreel footage of Elmer and Elsie:

And here is LARVAbot:

LARVAbots built by Julia Ebert at Harvard University.
Courtesy of Julia Ebert

See LARVAbot in action here.