Have you ever stood on the beach and wondered, How does the moon control the tides? Where do waves come from? And what’s it like to live in a tide pool?

Sir Isaac Newton drops by and drops some knowledge. He helps explain why the tides ebb and flow. Then, an oceanographer/surfer tells us where waves come from and how they get their shape – cowabunga! Plus we hear about what it’s like for marine life that move to a new neighborhood once or twice a day. Sometimes it’s underwater, sometimes it’s not.

Plus a brand new Moment of Um answers the question: Why don’t our ears have bones? And there’s a new group of listeners to be added to the Brains Honor Roll.

This episode was originally published on Aug. 30, 2016. You can hear the original version here:

Brains On: Waves, wind, tides and moon
by MPR