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The questions we have about numbers are uncountable. But here are a few of them: Where does zero come from? How is there more than one kind of infinity? What is it like to do math when numbers have different colors — and personalities?

(All these questions) + (a few more) = (this episode!)

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Music in this episode by Bopping, Advent Chamber Orchestra and Marc Sanchez.


If you look a little closer, listen a little harder, you’ll notice the secret life of things all around you. Want to know about the secret lives of bees, crickets, coral — and your own backyard? Give a listen!

For more information on disappearing bees, check out this post.


In this episode, co-host Kate Wexler joins us to ask and answers some questions related to extinction:

-Did dinosaurs have feathers?
-What is extinction anyway?
-Could you bring back species that have gone extinct?

And you can find out more about paleontologist Kristi Curry Rogers here.

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to see that dinosaur we talked about during this episode’s mystery sound, you can see it here.



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Mystery Sounds!

How good is your ear? Put it to the test by identifying these sounds. explore_btn


1,2,3,4, rock some science tunes some more! Learn about new ideas while getting your groove on.
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