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Everything you need to know before the solar eclipse

A white light image of the solar corona during totality. (M. Druckmüller | NASA)

On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible on a path that crosses the U.S., from Oregon on the west coast to South Carolina on the east coast. In this episode, we cover all your eclipse essentials: What causes an eclipse? What happens during an eclipse? How do you safely view it? Spoiler alert: Don’t stare at the sun without special eyewear.

Deep Sea vs. Outer Space

It’s time for the next Brains On debate! This intense matchup brings us to the depths of darkness, under the water and beyond our earth’s atmosphere. Who will prevail?

Monster trucks and car design (Road Trip pt. 3)

Nine-year-old Rosalee Ramer working on a monster truck in 2006. (Courtesy of Rosalee Ramer)

At the third stop on our road trip series, we coast in for a pit stop and check out car design. We find out how monster trucks are different than cars, how culture influences car design and what it’s like to make car into animated, talking movie stars.

The future of fuel, and the problem with exhaust (Road Trip pt. 2)

An ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle by Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. (ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

Our planet needs some carbon dioxide, but cars are pumping more into the atmosphere than our carbon cycle can handle. We’ll explore what all this carbon means for our planet. And we talk to a scientist who is working to change how we fuel our cars, so we can cut back on all this carbon dioxide.