Grab your traveling gear because Joy Dolo and Brains On and Smash Boom Best host Molly Bloom are going on a road trip. Not only will this be a fun-filled video romp with two buddies cruising the highway, but this trip has a theme that everybody loves: SNACKS!

Mmmmmm, yum! The third Brains On Universe Field Trip is called, what else, Snacktacular Roadtrip, and you’re invited! Molly and Joy will be joined by Sanden and Marc as they cruise through a history of sandwiches, discover what beaver butts have to do with slushies and check out a Smash Boom Best debate between ketchup and maple syrup. Whoa! 

Tickets are $19.99, and there’s a 20% offer if you’re a Smarty Pass member. Spots are limited, but we have multiple dates and times to choose from. Head to to get the details.

Audio Transcript

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[MUSIC PLAYING] JOY DOLO: Hey, Molly Bloom, host of Brains On! and Smash Boom Best?

MOLLY BLOOM: Yes, Joy Dolo, host of Forever Ago?

JOY DOLO: We're cruising the highways for our newest Brains On! Universe Field Trip, the Snacktacular Road Trip. We've done two others so far. But this new one is my fave because I spend it all with you, Molly.

MOLLY BLOOM: Aw, Joy, it's totes fun. In our field trips, people get to see us live on a screen doing things! It's like a Brains On! Smash Boom Best Forever Ago movie. This time, we're driving cross country. We got our snacks, our drinks, but we're missing one thing.

JOY DOLO: [GASPS] Oh, we're missing our matching backpacks, the glitter ones with the sparkle ponies. Remember you got it for me for my birthday, when you said you couldn't come, but then you ended up coming anyway and surprising me?

MOLLY BLOOM: No. Our friends! Pull over!



Come on, you, listening right now. Yeah, you! Hop in.


JOY DOLO: You got to join us for the final Brains On! Universe Field Trip, the Snacktacular Road Trip. We'll cruise through the fascinating history of your favorite snacks.

MOLLY BLOOM: Like did you know that lots of foods were once flavored with glands from beaver butts?

JOY DOLO: Delicious? Plus, you'll watch an all-new Smash Boom Best debate between two amazing condiments-- ketchup and maple syrup.

MOLLY BLOOM: It's BYOPAF, Bring Your Own Pancakes And Fries.

JOY DOLO: And I get to put my historical chef skills to use while Molly eats some totally disgusting, but historically accurate, sandwiches.

MOLLY BLOOM: Yeah! Wait, what?

JOY DOLO: These are sandwiches that real people once ate and loved, but today, just seem super gross and weird. It'll be fun! You'll see.

MOLLY BLOOM: Did I agree to this? I don't think--

JOY DOLO: Plus, you'll play games with us, guess mystery sounds, and we'll answer all your questions live.

MOLLY BLOOM: That's right. Someone from the Brains On! Universe will be there live. So get your tickets now. Go to That's fieldtrips, all one word. There are several showtimes to choose from in the day and evening.

JOY DOLO: But each show is exclusive and has limited space. So act fast. It's $19.99 for the whole family. And if you're a Smarty Pass member, you can get an extra 20% off. This is our last field trip. So don't miss out.

MOLLY BLOOM: Hop in and join our road trip at But Joy, about those disgusting-tasting sandwiches--

JOY DOLO: No time, Molly! We got to go! Put on your glitter backpack!

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