Who’s ready for a stinkin’ good time? Join the crew from Brains On, Smash Boom Best and Forever Ago on their next virtual Field Trip - What’s that smell?

There’s a mighty stank a comin’ from somewhere deep inside Brains On headquarters, and Sanden Totten is going to track down the source. On his journey, he’ll encounter Marc Sanchez’s fancy new fart pants, Joy Dolo’s historic (non-flushing) toilets and witness a genuinely yuck-tastic debate between slime mold and dung beetles!

You have three chances to join the adventure. Head to brainson.org/fieldtrips to pick your stinkin’ date and your stinkin’ time. But hurry - like a fart in the wind, these shows will soon be gone.

Smell ’ya later!

Audio Transcript

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MOLLY: Hey, friends. Molly and Sanden here inviting you to our next big field trip. It's called "What's That Smell?"

SANDEN: Yeah, it's a live action video adventure with me, Molly, Mark and Joy Dolo from Forever Ago. You get to play games with us, judge us, Smash Boom Best debate, and ask us questions live.

MOLLY: And don't forget, you get to help solve a stinky mystery.

SANDEN: How could I forget?


It all started in the [INAUDIBLE] kitchen. I was doing my usual cooking things and being awesome, when suddenly it sauntered through my door, a smell so bad, it took my breath away. Ugh. Like literally, oof, I could barely breathe. [BELCHING]

It was like 10 pounds of fertilizer stuffed in a 5-pound bag. Or like sour milk and sauerkraut had a sour baby. Like a skunk ate a diaper then burped. Or someone baked a fart in a haunted air fryer. Oh, or the morning breath of a garbage truck. Or--

MOLLY: Ok, Sanden, we get the point.

SANDEN: Right. This ominous odor soon spread, stinking up our whole headquarters. Someone had to find the source. But there was only one person smart enough, brave enough, handsome enough, and humble enough to track it down. Me.

MOLLY: Join us for "What's That Smell," a live-streamed minI-movie about a malodorous mystery.

SANDEN: Mark will explain the science of farts and show off his new fart-proof pants.

MOLLY: Joy is remodeling the Brains On bathroom using some of the most famous toilet designs from history. Spoiler alert, none of them flush, and one of them involves flames and an octopus.

SANDEN: Yikes! Plus, you'll judge a slime mold versus dung beetle debate, guess a mystery sound, ask us questions live. And of course, you'll find out what's causing that sneaky stink.

MOLLY: If you're a fan of Brains On, Smash Boom Best, Forever Go or Moment of [INAUDIBLE] you got to watch "What's That Smell." To find out more and get tickets, go to brainson.org/fieldtrips. That's field trips, all one word. There are several showtimes to choose from in the day and evening.

SANDEN: But each show is exclusive and has limited space. So act fast. It's $19.99 for the whole family. And if you're a Smarty Pass member, you can get an extra 20% off.

MOLLY: Remember, brainson.org/fieldtrips

SANDEN: Brains On, we put the art in fart.



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